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This is the Geometric Algebra with wxMaxima project ("gawithwxmaxima")

This project is hosted by The project team describes it as:

In this project it is shown how wxMaxima (a front end for the Maxima computer algebra system) was used to develop and test Maxima code functions for Geometric Algebra. The information under the 'Files' tab above fully describes how to set up a development system and a wxMaxima tutorial is included. The algebraic blade and multivector operators are briefly described under the 'Wiki' page. User defined infix operators have been defined within the Maxima computer algebra system and this allows geometric algebraic expressions resembling vector equations to be coded. The functions called by the operators allow rational parametric coefficients for the bases in a multivector (or in any vector). There is one known problem under Tickets. Worked examples have been taken from a reference book...Linear and Geometric Algebra (LAGA) and also from ...Vector and Geometric Calculus (VAGC). The majority of examples are from 3D geometry but each valid example helps to validate the GAwxM syntax

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